PICEDIT wasn't the only AGI utility that I wrote, although it is definitely the most prominent one. The other tools I wrote are fairly useless nowadays and have been for 12 or 13 years. What you have to realise about the AGI tools in my Files section is that they mostly pre-date AGI Studio. Before Peter Kelly released AGI Studio, tools such as VOLX, XV3 and GLUE were very useful. I think I may even have made my initial start at The Ruby Cast using these tools. I realise they won't be of much interest now but they represent a part of the history of the AGI fan community and were a stepping stone toward what we have now.

For those who weren't involved in the AGI community back then, here is a summary of what each of my AGI utilities did:

 Name Description
 AGISOUNDThis is actually more of a package of utilities, and not all of it was written by me. The included SND2MIDI utility was written by Jens Christian Restemeier. Everything else I think is mine, including the Adlib version of the sound player and the included SOUND resource documentation.
 GLUEA DOS command line tool for building both V2 and V3 VOL files from LOGIC, PICTURE, VIEW and SOUND resource files. This was how some of the early attempts at creating fan made AGI demos were 'glued' together.
 ROL2SNDA DOS command line tool for converting a music file in the Adlib ROL format to an AGI SOUND resource. The reason this tool exists is because I had an Adlib sound card way back when sound cards first came out. It came with a music composer tool called Visual Composer. I was fairly musical and had written a lot of music with this tool, so I decided to build an AGI utility to convert the saved files into AGI SOUNDs. 
 SHOWLOGA DOS command line tool for displaying the formatted LOGIC script source code for a given LOGIC resource. This tool was more of an exploratory tool in understanding the LOGIC format (remembering that this pre-dated AGI Studio and the AGI specs).
 SHOWPICA DOS command line tool for display AGI PICTUREs. Once again this was more of an exploratory tool to demonstrate that we understood the format, and as an example of how to interpret the format. My PICTURE format documentation in the AGI specifications is based on what I learnt when building this tool and was very much in preparation for the PICEDIT tool that followed later.
 VOLX A DOS command line tool for extracting AGI V2 resources out of the VOL files.
 XV3 A DOS command line tool for extracting AGI V3 resources out of the VOL files. Also includes documentation explaining the differences between the V2 and V3 formats.