PICEDIT 1.3 Milestone 2 Released

Post date: Jul 15, 2011 5:25:32 AM

Today I have built and released the second milestone of PICEDIT 1.3.


The new features include:

    • Single point lines so that Sierra and fan-made games that have such lines can be loaded and edited. Single point lines are supported by the Line, Pen and Step tools. Simply click on the start point then right-click to stop drawing and you now have a single point line.

    • Replaced the custom Sierra-like menu system with a more modern windows style menu along the lines of what people are used to seeing these days.

    • Split out the "Save" menu option in to separate "Save As" and "Save" options.

    • Added support for user preferences. Two of the existing features are now saved as preferences when the user exits PICEDIT. These are grid lines and zoom size. PICEDIT will now remember what zoom size you were using the last time you used PICEDIT, and likewise whether you had grid lines (i.e. bands) enabled or not.

    • PICEDIT now also remembers what the last used directory was from the last time you used PICEDIT.

    • This release also includes an attempted fix for the screen resize bug.

    • As part of the new menu system, a lot more keyboard shortcuts have been added, such as for toggling the bands, toggling dual mode, opening a file, saving, etc.