New!! Try out the Java version of PICEDIT!!

Hi! My name is Lance Ewing. I'm a big fan of AGI, the Adventure Game Interpreter that was used by Sierra during the 80s for such classics as King's Quest, Space Quest and Police Quest. I'm also the author of:

  • AGILE: The fully functional AGI interpreter written in C# (https://github.com/lanceewing/agile ).

  • PICEDIT (DOS): The original fan made non-Windows/DOS AGI Picture editing tool.

  • PICEDIT (Java): The new Java version of the AGI Picture editing tool.

  • The Ruby Cast: One of the first AGI demos to be created using AGI Studio and PICEDIT.

  • AGI Specs (parts of): I wrote many of the original sections of the AGI specs, including a lot of the sample code, about 25 years ago.

  • MEKA: One of the first attempts at writing a fan made AGI interpreter from scratch (I had Gold Rush running fairly well on this).

  • The Hidden Secrets of Sierra: One of the first web sites to host AGI & SCI utilities, documentation and fan made demos (check it out on web.archive.org).


In November 1998 my hosting provider was attacked by a hacker, which resulted in my web site (among many others) being wiped. Ironically the hosting machine was called crash. That was the first death of "The Hidden Secrets of Sierra". I created a near copy on a friends hosting environment and yet it wasn't quite the same and was missing many of the download files. This version also later disappeared without warning (around 2003). It wasn't such a big deal at the time because there were many other AGI web sites starting up and they all had copies of my utilities, specs, source code and demos. But the other day (in 2010) I was attempting to find a copy of The Ruby Cast on the Internet so I could show my kids. I was mildly shocked to see that it was no longer so easy to find as it used to be. In the end I could only find one link.

I decided I had to do something about this. There should exist an official web site to get both PICEDIT and The Ruby Cast. This web site has been created to provide that official place to get both PICEDIT and The Ruby Cast.

Welcome to AGIFANS - "The Hidden Secrets of Sierra" reborn!!