PICEDIT 1.3 Milestone 4 Released

Post date: Sep 13, 2011 7:2:49 PM

Today I have built and released the fourth milestone of PICEDIT 1.3.


The new features include:

    • New internal frame for holding the picture. This is a first step towards enabling multiple pictures in a future milestone release. It also makes it a lot easier to work with zoomed in pictures that extend beyond the edges of the screen.

    • A slider has been added at the bottom of the picture for quickly changing the picture position. This slider has been built to run as fast as it can.

    • Fixed a bug where it was difficult to draw a line to the top line of the picture. The line tools (pen, line and step) will now restrict the mouse to within the picture panel so that it isn't possible to leave the picture frame unless the line drawing has been deactivated (with a right click). Thank you to Peter Kelly (author of AGI Studio) for finding and reporting this bug.

    • Various minor changes to make the tool look more Window like and less DOS like.