PICEDIT 1.3 Milestone 3 Released

Post date: Aug 14, 2011 5:9:37 PM

Today I have built and released the third milestone of PICEDIT 1.3.


The new features include:

    • "Open Recent" option in the File menu to re-open one of the last four opened pictures.

    • Proper background image toggling. It is now possible to load a background image and then toggle it on and off without having to reload the image again.

    • Reorganised the menu system so that it makes more sense. For example, toggling grid lines and dual mode are now under the View menu since this is more standard. The Special menu has gone.

    • Drawing tools, navigation, delete, visual screen selection, priority screen selection are all now also found under the menu.

    • Split out the status bar and the tool bar so that they are no longer part of the main picture panel. This allows the picture to be separately zoomed in and out.

    • Window maximise and resizing is now supported. The window size is no longer tied to the zoom level.